Claim Management

At Eagle Claims Management we understand that workers’ compensation claims management requires specialized knowledge, and that the relationship between you and your claims team is the foundation to a successful program.

A Dedicated Claims Supervisor

This person will have extensive experience and will become your single point of contact for all claim-related questions.

Predictive Modeling

Eagle Claims partners with our excess carriers to offer predictive modeling which will help to assess potential high value claims very early in the process. Not all TPA’s have the data or expertise to provide this service.

Lower Supervisor Case Load

Over the last 3 years the case load per supervisor has averaged 115 lost time claims. This low case load allows adjuster to be dedicated to prompt service and claim resolution. Most TPA’s have significantly higher case loads per supervisor.

Easy Access to Data and Customized Reports

Via our state-of-the-art claim management platform, clients have access to adjuster notes, payment information, and loss reports. We also offer reporting flexibility, customizing your reports to the needs of each person in your organization.

Loss Forecasting
Eagle Claims can provide loss forecasts to enable clients to prepare loss projections, risk management due diligence evaluations, and self – insurance feasibility studies.  Using a product developed by a proven Actuarial Consulting Group, Eagle Claims can offer reports which forecast ultimate losses, net present value of future payments, and workers’ compensation loss rates.

Exceeding your expectations for claim management execution in the following areas:

  • Contact all lost time claims within 24 hours
  • Thorough investigation as soon as a claim is received and ongoing during the claim process
  • Excess reporting on all claims that need to be reported to your excess carrier.
  • Eagle advocates a partnership approach with your defense counsel to discuss investigation and a plan to bring a successful and timely resolution

Eagle also provides CMS reporting on behalf its self-insured clients