Self Funding

Self-Insurance is a risk transfer approach that allows employers to have much more flexibility than buying a traditional insurance policy. Employers typically choose to self-insure because it gives them more opportunity to control costs and ensure that their insured workers are receiving timely and proper care.

With Eagle Claims Management as your partner, you have more control and input over the claim outcomes. We assist you in the following areas:

Risk Retention
Eagle Claims will consult with you to determine what level of risk you would like to self-insure. Eagle Claims can provide you with insurance options that provide unlimited coverage for claims above the self-insured retention.

Customized Claims Solutions
Eagle Claims will develop claim handling procedures designed around the way you work. One of the biggest advantages of working with Eagle Claims is our customization and flexibility.

Is Self-Insurance right for your company?
Since a self-insured employer assumes the risk of paying its own workers’ compensation claim costs, it should have stable loss patterns and adequate cash flow to meet this obligation. Eagle Claims will help you determine whether self-insurance is a good fit for your company.


Self insurance eliminates insurance company overhead and profit charges. In this example, the client has saved nearly $190,000.